SeaStar Solutions have announced the launch next year of their new Pro-Pedal foot throttle. The Pro-Pedal can be fully customised to fit both boat and driver, and is designed with a robust torsion spring and locking fasteners to improve both reliability and durability.

‘Driving a high-performance boat at wide open throttle requires experience, skill and a sixth sense,’ said David Wolfe, product and support manager for SeaStar Solutions. ‘SeaStar’s Pro-Pedal offers a marked improvement in control that any boat driver, pro or amateur, will definitely appreciate.’

The Pro-Pedal foot throttle’s compact design keeps the deck uncluttered and allows for more room around the pedal, and an integrated slide makes it easy to adjust the pedal position for different drivers.

The SeaStar Pro-Pedal will be available from January 2019. For more information visit

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