Before replacing the mechanical steering system on your boat, check out our blog article on ‘How to Choose the Right Steering System for You’.

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With 8 different systems on offer from SeaStar Solutions, it can get confusing, so our handy chart will help steer you in the right direction!

Bear in mind though that it is good practice to replace a steering system with one of the same type: rotary with rotary, rack with rack, etc. Use a steering system with the same number of steering wheel turns lock-to-lock as the original system as this ensures the boat continues to perform as designed and makes installation of the replacement system as simple as possible.

Top of the range in SeaStar Solutions’ mechanical steering systems is the award winning XTREMETM steering. This complete system provides optimal driver comfort for single engine outboards with single cable steering that don’t require power steering systems. The system includes a new helm, a high efficiency XTREMETM cable, and a new-style bezel. It is also available with Sport or Sport Plus tilt mechanism.

The patent pending helm has a complete new gear train designed to provide smooth feel and minimal backlash. It also includes SeaStar Solutions’ NFB (No Feed Back) clutch technology to lock out steering loads so you don’t have to fight the wheel. This feature, combined with the new helm, makes steering smooth, easy and less tiring when spending the day on the water. The small helm size means that it is suitable for small/tight dash helm stations and can be installed in the same mounting pattern and bracket location as current SeaStar Solutions helms.

At the heart of the system is the brand new XTREMETM steering cable. Based on the industry leading XTREMETM technology used in SeaStar Solutions’ control cables, it delivers unparalleled smoothness and efficiency with hardly any lost motion. The unique XTREMETM technology incorporates a patented splined liner where ridges on the liner reduce friction and allow a close fit with the cable’s inner  helical core, but with minimum contact, so the core glides back and forth very smoothly. The cable also has an added over wrap wire allowing it to support high steering loads yet provide lighter steering effort.

The Quick Connect feature on both the steering cable and spent travel tube makes installation quick & easy. And, of course, there is no bleeding of the hydraulic system or electrical wiring required!

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