Selva Marine have announced the introduction of three new lightweight outboard models ‒ at 25hp, 100hp and 200hp ‒ for the 2020 season and have chosen the Southampton Boat Show for their launch. In keeping with all their other outboards, Selva have chosen fish breeds to identify these new models: the Amberjack 25, the Spearfish 100 and the Sei Whale 200.

The key theme with all these new models is the combination of large-capacity powerheads with high-tech lightweight components, ensuring maximum power-to-weight ratios. The new Amberjack 25 is around 25% lighter than the previous model, the Spearfish 100 has a larger cubic capacity than its predecessor yet still manages to shed kilos, while the Sei Whale 200 features a new 2.8L engine with drive-by-wire controls and a shift damper.

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