Shakespeare Marine have announced that they are bringing their manufacturing back to the UK for a selection of their best-selling VHF antennas.

Effective immediately, Shakespeare Marine will begin manufacturing four of their VHF antennas in the UK, catering for the growing demand across the country. Suitable for all boats from small craft to large commercial ships, Shakespeare’s VHF antennas are designed for both professionals and enthusiasts when out at sea, utilising the essential VHF marine radio frequency.

Dave Manasseh, European Sales Manager for Shakespeare Marine, commented: ‘This move ensures we can offer the best-quality engineering and a more streamlined distribution across Europe, while utilising our Great British manufacturing expertise and capabilities.’

As part of the brand’s reorganisation, Shakespeare have also announced a change to their distribution channels in the UK, and will be exclusively supplying their antennas through two UK-based distributors: Meridian Zero Distribution Ltd and SMG Distribution Ltd. 

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