Simrad Yachting and Venetian boatbuilder Cantieri Nautici Vizianello have collaborated to create a new generation of water taxi aimed at revolutionising transport in the city of Venice and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Simrad and Vizianello have combined their skills to make the famous water limousines perform better and less impactful on the environment. Thanks to their collaboration, the most famous of Vizianello’s water limousines, Amore, chosen as an exclusive means of transport in the city of Venice by Hollywood stars, has been given a new life, having been equipped with a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system managed by the Simrad Command integration system. 

Roberto Sesenna, Simrad’s Country Manager in Italy, said: ‘This collaboration is a perfect example of how our Command system can be used to display all the information of complex systems. We have integrated the on-board system of the shipyard’s luxury taxis within our displays for their captains, enabling technology that can help protect the ecosystem of the Venice lagoon.’

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