Stress-Free Engine Maintenance, compiled by Duncan Wells and Jonathan Parker and published by Adlard Coles, is an accessible and practical guide to understanding what is going on with your boat’s engine and how to look after it, as well as knowing the signs when all is not well and how to fix it. Among other things, readers will learn how to change a filter and an impeller and how to ensure the engine doesn’t overheat, while key issues covered include fuel, cooling and air systems, engine electrical systems, gearboxes and drives, the most common causes of breakdown and troubleshooting.

The information is presented in an accessible, manageable fashion, making maintenance and basic repair of your engine straightforward with minimum stress. The book includes diagrams, quick reference tables, box features, QR videos, clear explanations, top tips and checklists. There are also plenty of amusing anecdotes and examples of useful lessons learned.

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