Suzuki GB have announced a partnership with INEOS Britannia to become the official supplier of outboard motors for its fleet of chase boats that will support INEOS Britannia, the Challenger of Record for next year’s 37th America’s Cup.

As the British challenger, INEOS Britannia, led by Sir Ben Ainslie and backed by INEOS, strives for engineering excellence and is pushing the boundaries of modern sailing technology and engineering. The same drive and approach to innovation has been used to identify the very best equipment and components to support the team, which is why Suzuki have been selected as the official supplier of outboards. 

The outboard of choice will be the dual-propeller DF325A model, with Suzuki providing the team with 12 units in total. The cutting-edge technologies in the DF325A and their renowned reliability make them ideal for powering the team’s chase boats.

Dave Endean, Chief Operations Officer for INEOS Britannia, said: ‘Performance and reliability are key factors for us in everything we do, and these outboards will ensure that our support team can keep pace with the race boats during our crucial testing and training.’

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