Technohull showcase new models – the Explorer 40 S, powered by two Mercury 500R engines and the Omega 47, equipped with a twin Mercury V12 600hp

Technohull, the renowned Greek shipyard celebrated for its high-performance luxury boats, confirms its leading role with the two models on display at the 2024 Miami International Boat Show.

At Pier B, amidst a bustling display of maritime excellence, Technohull proudly presents two of its finest creations: the Explorer 40 S propelled by two Mercury 500R engines and the Omega 47, featuring a robust twin Mercury V12 600hp configuration.

Representing Technohull in the United States is KMB Yachting (, a premier partner offering sales as well as comprehensive after-sales training and support, with a commitment to enhancing the boating experience for their clientele.

Omega 47

Technohull’s breathtaking Omega 47 seamlessly combines superyacht finish with the sporty performance that has made the Greek brand famous. You can sense ample space and comfort on deck. In the cabin below, the result is a striking amount of volume for a high performing boat. It’s enough for a luxurious double V-berth and a full-height shower and head compartment.

Omega 47 stern & twin Mercury V12 600hp engines at the Miami International Boat Show

Twin Mercury V12 600hp engines

The cabin receives ample natural light via sleek windows in the deckhead, but it also benefits from expert LED lighting, which subtly emphasizes the superyacht finish. Quality leather, exotic veneers and premium Corian combine to create a sense of real luxury. It is a practical space, too, with plenty of storage for clothes and other items below.

The full walk-around deck of the Omega 47 is a feature of every Technohull model. It gives easy access to a large sun pad and a seat forward, where an optional bimini can be rigged on custom carbon poles. Aft there’s an even larger sofa in fine, premium quality marine fabric in the color of your choice. It is the work of seconds to convert this into a huge sun pad, using the perfectly matched fill-in.

The Omega 47 on display is powered by twin Mercury V12 600hp engines, enabling it to achieve impressive speeds. However, as the saying goes. “Power is nothing without control.” Thanks to Technohull’s patented Dynastream hull design the Omega 47 boasts remarkable handling characteristics and impeccable safety standards. This innovative design ensures a seamless balance between power, agility and stability, delivering an unparalleled boating experience for enthusiasts. Dynastream employs two distinct steps in the hull, to channel in air. This provides lift, natural cushioning and unprecedented stability at all speeds. What’s more, this hyper-ventilated hull shape is extremely, offering lower fuel consumption for higher speeds.

Explorer 40 S

The Explorer 40 S, the sport-oriented version of the acclaimed day boat model, combines the refined elegance and comfort of the Explorer 40, while introducing a heightened level of dynamism and attitude to the day boating experience. Fast, reliable and maneuverable, this model from the Greek shipyard enables rapid navigation with complete safety. The unit showcased in Miami is powered by two Mercury 500R outboard engines, providing a total power output of 1000hp. The hull of the Explorer 40 S has been meticulously designed to fully harness this power, ensuring smooth and effortless passage through the waves even in the most challenging marine conditions.

Explorer 40S at the Miami International Boat Show

While maintaining the core design character of the Explorer 40, the sport version showcases a more dynamic and powerful look and feel, thanks to its meticulously crafted sport console. With this sport console as its centerpiece, the Explorer 40 S distinguishes itself from traditional models by featuring a wider, fully equipped dashboard compared to the classic version. However, the console interior is designed to accommodate the day boating requirements of guests, offering generous space and full-size headroom equipped with sink and shower. The helm station, designed to offer sheer driving pleasure, features a hardtop with full glass for absolute protection, and shock-absorbing seats that ensure maximum comfort while cruising.

Explorer 40S orange seating & twin Mercury 500R outboard engines at the Miami International Boat Show

Powered by twin Mercury 500R outboard engines

At the bow, we also find a large sunbathing area and a comfortable forward-facing seat integrated into the front section of the console, while other guests can choose between ergonomic sport seats and another sunbathing area aft with an additional small sofa.

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