TecnoRib’s Pirelli 35 Walkaround RIB, designed by the Mannerfelt Design Team, has won the Red Dot Award in the ‘Product Design’ category.

TecnoRib’s Walkaround line now features three models and continues to garner acclaim worldwide with its aerodynamic look and contemporary style. The rugged model is the result of the historic collaboration between the shipyard and the Mannerfelt Design Team, which stemmed from the desire to increase the level of elegance in this product range. 

At 11.2m long and 3.8m wide, the Pirelli 35 is the smallest of TecnoRib’s Walkaround line and was conceived on the coattails of the Pirelli 42 to offer the same strong points, but in smaller spaces. 

Gianni De Bonis, CEO of Sacs TecnoRib, said: ‘This award is further confirmation of the international success of the steps of renewal and expansion of our production, in which we strongly believe.’

www.tecnorib.it / www.pirellidesign.com

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