With the 495 Flybridge, Nimbus has officially stepped into the explorer segment and created a true “voyager” – a vessel for epic experiences and long-distance exploration.

The coupé boat has a very special place in Nimbus’ history. For more than 40 years, Nimbus’ coupé models have been the entrance ticket to the archipelago, coastal voyages and adventures for many. Recent years’ changes in travel patterns and holiday habits have reinforced many people’s need for their own free zone with all the comfort and security needed to be able to spend their holiday in their own home country or part of the world. That’s why Nimbus has developed the 495 Flybridge: A boat concept based on deep traditions and insight, where the manufacturer has taken into account all conceivable needs – today and in the future.

Nimbus 495 Fly

A great journey

Nimbus has a large customer base all over the world established over many years. We want to take care of that, and as the size of the boats in almost all segments increases, we have clear ambitions to be part of that journey, says Jonas Göthberg, Commercial Director at Nimbus Group AB.

The primary objective of the Nimbus 495 is to create a vessel of discovery, a “voyager”. Therefore, the tank capacity is designed to be able to cover long distances, but also to be able to stay in a natural harbor for a long time without worrying about electricity access, fresh water access or “black water capacity”. Integration of low-energy solutions has been an important focus area during the development of the new flagship.

With the Nimbus 495 Flybridge, you can go anywhere and live comfortably on board for many weeks, whether you want to embark on a big adventure or holiday in your own archipelago. One of the key features of the boat’s overall design is that it is as easy and forgiving to handle for two people in the demanding Nordic archipelago as it is comfortable and safe for two couples or a family on a longer voyage of discovery in the Mediterranean or on the US east coast.

Nimbus 495 Fly Helm

Greater freedom

We notice that the active boating lifestyle also appeals to increasingly younger customers who value privacy and staying out in nature, says Göthberg.

Our largest coupé boats are actively used over long distances and throughout a long season. Many of our customers travel from northern Norway to the Baltic Sea with their boats, but also along the coast of the Mediterranean, the USA and all the way to Alaska. We have customers who go through the canal system in Europe, or who make the trip from Gothenburg to England. And often they are out for many weeks. This trend is increasing, and we believe it points to a development where individuality, physical activity and nature experiences are important values.

To meet the need to be able to take more family members or friends on longer trips to more distant waters, Nimbus has stepped into the explorer segment. The 495 Flybridge will offer social areas where you can socialize effortlessly, and the exceptional feeling of freedom and security that only a vessel of this size can provide.

Nimbus 495 Fly seating

To be able to enjoy the journey without stress, but also to have a real experience of freedom and independence, extra space is required for conveniences such as a washing machine, dishwasher, generator and so on. That makes the 495 Flybridge a fully equipped expedition vessel, says Jonas Göthberg.

A consistent premise for the deck layout of the 495 Flybridge has been designed to feel safe and easy to travel with, even with a minimum of crew, in variable conditions. It is easy to move from boat to shore, from foredeck to aft deck, and from cabin to bathing platform.

Another central element is a very social salon where you socialize and socialize effortlessly, and where, in good, Nordic tradition, you have ensured a free and undisturbed view through large glass windows. Everyone should be able to take part in the experience and the view, regardless of where they stay on deck. The boat has a seamless connection between the saloon, the large aft deck and a robust and functional bathing platform on the same level.

Nimbus 495 Fly interior

Focus on function

With the 495, we want to enlarge the coupé concept, while at the same time building on the legacy of Nimbus’ previous and existing coupé models. The salon is the very epicenter of the boat. The salon is the heart of the coupé boat. That’s where we live on board. That’s where we have the driver’s place, the dining area, the social lounge and the kitchen, says Joacim Gustavsson, Chief designer at Nimbus Group AB.

Since the boat is deeply rooted in a modern, Nordic design tradition, it has been essential to let nature in visually as well. It is then important that those who live on board have a good view out – that a seamlessness between outside and inside is achieved.

Nimbus 495 Fly

The goal of the Nimbus 495 Flybridge is to create a floating home that is both comfortable and safe, allowing you to feel embraced and want to stay on board for an extended period of time. The boat’s design is focused on optimizing function, as evident in the large rear windows in the saloon. These windows were added to enhance the experience in the kitchen, which is an open, seamless, and integrated part of the entire social area on the aft deck and in the salon. The integration of these windows helps to create an inviting and open atmosphere that makes it more pleasant to spend time in the kitchen and social areas.

Emission-free propulsion

The development of the 495 Flybridge goes hand in hand with the development of tomorrow’s propulsion technology. In the future long range version, a longer underwater hull will be optimized for lower speeds, minimized energy consumption and thus maximized range. In this version, the propulsion solution will consist of an all-electric serial hybrid with a generator as a range extender, a solution that will provide a combination of considerable range and the possibility of emission-free propulsion in natural harbours and during shorter voyages.

Nimbus 495 Fly


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