Epoch Boats, a new US boat and eco-tech company, are launching an all-electric skiff boat with a hydrofoil hull design and electric outboard motor, with production availability scheduled for late spring 2022.

The new Epoch Skiff model range features a patent-pending hydrofoil system that deploys at speed to lift the boat out of the water, reducing hull drag and allowing it to efficiently ‘fly over the water at speeds exceeding 30mph with a 10–15 hp equivalent electric motor and 5kWh battery’. According to Epoch, the hydrofoil hull design extends the speed and efficiency of electric motors by a factor of two.

Tom Ward, Epoch co-founder and CEO, remarked: ‘Our goal was to develop a more eco-friendly boat that would reduce a boater’s impact on the environment, but we knew that it also had to have the performance and wow factor that today’s boaters want. Epoch’s boats are designed to work efficiently with an electric motor and relatively small battery pack for higher performance, range and speed at a cost comparable to many similarly optioned gas boats.’


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