Vanguard Marine have developed a new ambulance model, the TX-12.00, a 12m vessel equipped with state-of-the-art technology for rescue, assistance and medical transportation tasks.

This model utilises an advanced manufacturing technique and features a spacious cabin, rescue equipment and a patented, easily replaceable floatation system developed by Vanguard Marine.

Vanguard Present New Ambulance Model

The professional hull design with its deep-V finish offers safety and comfort for the crew and passengers. The model can be equipped with an inflatable float or an HD protection system with perimeter foam defence for high-energy absorption. With an inboard diesel engine and turbine propulsion system, it provides high-level, risk-free manoeuvrability in shallow waters and confined spaces.

Vanguard Present New Ambulance Model

The vessel is equipped with lifting elements for water rescues and a ramp for boarding and unloading stretchers, while inside it includes a stretcher support with a damping system to absorb and reduce the impacts of high-speed navigation, and suspension seats for the crew and medical staff.

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