Having pioneered the development of every aspect of the e-Bike, Yamaha have now launched a five-model range of e-Bikes into the UK market.

The new range includes, among others, the MORO 07, a premium eMTB (electric mountain bike). This model has a unique chassis design featuring a motocross-inspired dual twin frame and high-torque PW-X3 drive unit. This was developed to deliver smooth and powerful performance on the most challenging terrain.

For everyday use for everyone, the CrossCore combines good value, looks and performance. It is a versatile and functional urban all-rounder designed for a wide spectrum of customers looking to change their lifestyle and considering commuting by e-bike rather than car or public transport.

The Yamaha BOOSTER Easy offers a contemporary and minimalist design. It features an exposed die cast aluminium front frame as well as spoked wheels with fat 20in x 4in tyres. The BOOSTER makes every part of the metropolis easily accessible to the new generation of e-bike riders who live, work and play in the city.

Full details on all models in the range are available here.

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