The new Fuze sneaker-style deck shoes from Zhik are tough, sporty, ultra-lightweight and flexible, with priority given to providing extremely secure foot support.

Fuze shoes epitomise Zhik’s #MadeForWater slogan and are designed to be used on or in the water as well as on land. The strong, perforated-mesh upper fabric allows breathability and quick drainage and is fast-drying. In addition, a discreet ‘one-way’ drainage system within the sole is created by moulded channels cast into the midsole, which instantly channels water away from underfoot.

A PU-reinforced fabric protects the upper, heel and toe areas, and the light, ultra-high-grip soles are made from Zhik’s non-marking proprietary ZK Soles. Inside the shoe, an antibacterial coating has been added to the fast-drying inner.

Fuze deck shoes come in grey and ash in unisex sizes. For full details visit

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