A result of over 50,000 nautical miles of testing and refinement, Zhik have launched their new OFS800 offshore range, designed to provide top-of-the-range breathability levels without any compromises on durability and waterproofness, along with Zhik’s new protective features. 

The OFS800 uses eVent membrane technology, widely used by military institutions worldwide for its exceptional breathability and durability, which has been adapted for ocean sailing. As body heat varies during different activity levels, its extreme breathability comes from its ability to dynamically regulate temperature through very fast moisture transfer. The millions of microscopic pores built into the eVent proprietary membrane instantly begin venting water vapour molecules that build up during activity. Zhik’s design team have worked extensively with eVent to optimise the membrane for high-performance marine environments.

The OFS800 range comprises an Offshore Jacket, Offshore Smock, Latex (dry) Smock and coordinating Salopettes. 

Details on the full range can be found at www.zhik.com.

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