BRABUS Shadow 1200 Sun-Top Phantom Gray Signature Edition

BRABUS Shadow 1200 Sun-Top

Typically BRABUS, this top-tier adventure craft has few rivals.

Gozzo 38 Cabin

Gozzo 38 Cabin

Stylishly retro, this Mediterranean all-weather cruiser is equally suited to northern waters.

eD 32 c-Ultra

eD 32  c-Ultra

With its unique twin drive system, this RIB is stretching the boundaries of green power.

Focus 3X

Focus 3X

A contemporary take on the traditional sports cruiser concept.

Ring 1080 Trophy

Ring 1080 Trophy

Greg Copp reports on a boat constructed in the UK with race boat heritage, built for those that love it rough …

Regency 250 LE3 Sport Pontoon Boat

Regency 250 LE3 Sport Pontoon Boat

Will the ‘flying lounge’ redefine the concept of luxury day boating? Greg Copp tests … 

Axiom 2 Pro RVM Group shot

Axiom 2 Pro RVM Group shot

With so many electronic products all vying for our attention, especially in the area of GPS and chartplotters, understanding the market and navigating your way to making the right choice can prove quite bewildering. But fear not, we take the helm to give you a steer …

Three Days in Haven - Milford Haven and the River Cleddau

Three Days in Haven

Ribster Phil Dargavel and his wife Jules invite us to join them and their friends on a weekend’s gentle exploration of Milford Haven and the beautiful River Cleddau.

Ports of Call: Tarka’s Taw & Torridge

Jo Moon and Mark Featherstone head north, bound for one of the finest ‘ports of call’ gracing Devonshire’s north coast – an estuary from which a veritable host of opportunities await the adventurous boater keen to explore ‘off the beaten track’.

south coast and green tech boat show

South Coast Showcase

PBR reports on the highlights from this years South Coast & Green Tech Boat Show.

The Science of Sound

Music is all around us. It can relax, excite and thrill us. However, it can also annoy! So how can we get more from our music without impacting others’ Carl Hynes reaches for the controls …

In for the Krill

The unwilding of Antarctica has become a serious matter. Climate change, tourism, industrial-scale fishing – all such factors are playing their part in upsetting the natural balance of one of the planet’s most critical ocean habitats. Giovanna Fasanelli investigates.

Back to Basics Part 7: Dealing with Emergencies

In the seventh of this series of Back to Basics articles, Paul Glatzel underlines the importance of expecting the unexpected …

Wavestream Bilge

How to: Total Bilge

Justin Morton might be a man with salt in his veins, but the substance in his bilge is something different altogether … Here, Justin not only tells of his quest to ‘go clean’ but also exactly how he did it!

Brain Sea.AI

The Brain – SEA.AI

All-seeing, all-knowing and forever learning.

Arctic 10+ Immersion Suit

Arctic 10+ Immersion Suit

White Glacier’s new Arctic 10+ immersion suit



This compact lifesaving device creates a new dimension in terms of crew safety.

Sea Clean

Sea Clean

Wash without the use of water. A new innovative range of products.

Arksen Discovery Series


Premier Marinas Dry Stack - Trafalgar Wharf

Henri Lloyd

Yamaha - The most exciting way to get from A to B campaign