A new industry report released by British Marine indicates that across the whole of the UK boat manufacturing sector, revenue increased by 1.6% in 2016, generating £859 million in turnover, while unit production climbed by 1.5% to 9,907 units. 

Growth is being led by small and medium-sized boatbuilders, with the lion’s share of production absorbed by the mid-sized powerboat market, sailing dinghies and RIBs. 

The production of UK RIBs saw the biggest rise in 2016, with 820 units manufactured, a rise of 12.3%, while the manufacturing of motor yachts measuring 12m to 24m also saw growth to 380 units, a rise of 2.7%. The smaller and larger ends of the sector saw a small decline, with production of motor boats (under 12m) slightly falling by 3.8% and the build of motor yachts (24m+) decreasing by 7 units.  

The increase in RIB manufacturing is closely tied to continued growth in the superyacht market, in particular the production of RIBs for use as superyacht tenders.

For further information visit: www.britishmarine.co.uk.


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