Ribcraft have announced several steps they have taken to reduce their carbon footprint and overall environmental impact.

The brand-new Ribcraft Hybrid Patrol RHIB is one of the first of its kind to feature new technology that switches seamlessly between an electric motor and a diesel engine. The RIB is a Ribcraft 9.0m PRO with enclosed GRP wheelhouse featuring the signature reinforced deep-V hull and multi-chambered heavy-duty Hypalon tubes.

The hybrid system architecture incorporates a clutch and transmission that enables the vessel to operate in an electric-only mode for completely emission-free and silent running, in an engine-only mode in which the diesel propels the vessel while also charging the batteries, or in a combination ‘booster’ mode with the battery-driven electric motor and diesel engine both driving the shaft for maximum thrust for manoeuvring.

The three operational modes enable the boat operator to use a smaller, less expensive and more economical diesel engine that yields substantial savings in fuel consumption and longer maintenance intervals for the diesel engine without sacrificing performance.

For more information on the Ribcraft Hybrid range visit www.ribcraft.co.uk.

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