Raymarine have announced an all-new version of their Wi-Fish mobile app for use with Dragonfly-PRO and Wi-Fish CHIRP Sonar systems. The app has been expanded and now includes Augmented Reality Viewing of saved waypoints and fishing hot spots.

The app works with the GPS, compass and camera in a smartphone or tablet to show precisely where you are in relation to your saved waypoints. The name, symbol, bearing and range to each waypoint are displayed as a dynamic overlay on a real-time view of the waterway ahead. 

Raymarine have also added a mobile-friendly mapping view to the app, enabling a bird’s-eye view of the location with all waypoints plotted on your smartphone. The app also now synchronises stored waypoints using the Dragonfly-PRO’s Wi-Fi connection so your waypoints are always available – even when you are away from the boat.


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