Ban the Bottle

By banning plastic bottles from the workplace outright, the UK would save 3.9 billion bottles from being produced by 2020. The saving would amount to 156,000 tonnes of plastic a year. These are the findings of office providers, who are spearheading a campaign to have all single-use plastic bottles outlawed by 2020. 

According to RecycleNow statistics, Britons get through 480 plastic bottles a year per household, and 35 million plastic bottles per day and 13 billion plastic bottles a year nationally (2016).

Recent years have seen a huge increase in the number of offices using water, but this is not without environmental impact. Plastic cups, the water fountains and the water bottles themselves are all plastic and cost resources to move around. The Mayor of London has announced a plan to build a network of water fountains in London in a push to reduce our love of one-use plastic bottles. 

So why not switch to a refillable water bottle, or a regular glass!

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