Cheetah UK Land in Portugal
 The first Cheetah catamaran produced at Cheetah’s new European workshop in Portugal has been delivered and is earning its keep in the lucrative though dangerous art of seaweed diving.
The 8.5m ‘Salvador’ is working from a small inlet just south of Nazare on the west coast of Portugal, an area famous for its big-wave surfing. Compressed air is pumped from the deck of the Cheetah to the divers who are typically working at about 10m. The seaweed is collected from the rocks and sent in bags to the surface, where it is then dried and processed for use in pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics.
Sean Strevens, Cheetah Marine founder and designer, comments: ‘We are now manufacturing windscreen models in Portugal to supply the Portuguese and Mediterranean markets. This gives us a good foothold in the European market if trade between the UK and Europe becomes heavily clogged with red tape. Portugal is a good location for manufacturing as the climate and humidity are so favourable.’

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