Cheetah’s flagship 9.2–11.2 m series is now configurable for worldwide transportation by 40ft container. The catamaran can be rapidly assembled and disassembled, enabling mobilisation from container to catamaran in a day. The vessel is particularly suitable for rapid response operations including search and rescue, hydrographic survey, patrol and enforcement and oil spill response, as well as film and surveillance work.

The programme formed part of an 18-month collaborative R&D project that fast-tracked Cheetah’s development of transportable catamarans following enquiries from remote locations across the globe. If reassembly is not a requirement, the Cheetah can be permanently bonded together at the end destination. As with all Cheetah catamarans, the build is bespoke to all applications suiting leisure fishing, dive, charter and remote location.

The prototype Cheetah is currently fitted with twin Oxe diesel outboards. The open-decked catamaran features Cheetah’s reconfiguration concept with a twin-tier tracking system supporting a range of modular units. A robust topside fendering system enables ease of crew transfer and vessel interception at sea.

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