Fischer Panda UK have expanded their range of next-generation variable-speed iSeries ‘Perfect Power’ generators with the introduction of the Panda PMS 19i. The first installation of the versatile new mid-size generator has already been completed and commissioned after it was customised for a Tarquin 20m to replace an old 16kW unit.

Weighing just 160kg (plus 16kg frequency inverter), the 19i measures L650mm x W465mm x H590mm and provides 230V/50Hz of electrical power. The complete generator is mounted inside a capsule for quiet operation. A DC charging alternator, engine-driven seawater cooling pump, two-pole DC wiring, built-in heat exchanger for freshwater cooling of the engine, auto start capability and oil-cooled rear alternator bearing are also fitted to the generator as standard. A frequency inverter is supplied for remote mounting, along with connecting looms, fuel pump, full instruction manual and remote control panel.

The 19i uses variable-speed technology to adjust the speed of the diesel engine according to the user’s changing power requirements while the output voltage always remains constant from the PMGi inverter, thereby significantly improving fuel efficiency.


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