Honda (UK) have launched their new EU22i inverter generator, successor to the EU20i from Honda’s portable inverter generator range. Offering a 10% increase in power, plus a range of enhancements to make it more durable and user-friendly, it still remains as quiet as, and almost identical in size and weight to, the EU20i that it replaces.

The new EU22i is capable of charging sophisticated devices including laptops, tablets and mobiles, while being strong and powerful enough to handle more demanding equipment or act as a backup. For the boat enthusiast, the EU22i can power a lightweight water pump, pressure washer or power tools, plus such home comforts as a kettle, fridge or even a shower. It can also bring light and heat to proceedings when off grid and exposed to the elements, as well as offering a charging solution for communication and navigation kit and on-board batteries.

Honda’s Eco-throttle mode also remains a feature of the EU22i – constantly adjusting engine speed to precisely match electrical output with load, thereby saving fuel, reducing operating noise and extending engine life when maximum output isn’t needed.

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