Icom Introduce CB2000 AIS Transponder
Icon have announced the launch of their new CB2000 AIS transponder unit, which transforms the Icom IC-M506EURO and IC-M605EURO to VHF/DSC radios complete with Class B AIS transponders. This transponder radio solution is designed for all boaters, indeed anyone who wants the enhanced safety of an AIS transponder and the comfort and benefits it offers.
The CB2000 is simple to install and program. The solution aids collision avoidance by helping owners track and contact anyone in their area with an AIS transponder, providing peace of mind in the knowledge that vessels around can see them and vice versa.
The CB2000 is conveniently sized and connects to the NMEA2000 backbone that comes supplied with this package. It also has an NMEA2000 interface for simple connection to the majority of new AIS-compatible GPS chartplotters and includes an integral NMEA2000 starter kit.

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