Icom unveiled the first sample of their new handheld VHF/DSC at the London Boat Show.

Flown in especially from Osaka, Japan, the new product, called the IC-M93D, is only 145mm tall and weighs just 310g. Despite its size, the IC-M93D features a 2.4″ high-contrast, dot matrix, backlit LCD display, which will allow all functions/information to be easily viewed.

The IC-M93D incorporates some of the features included in other Icom radios such as active noise cancelling technology, which uses a digital processor to reduce background noise. The IC-M93D is also buoyant, and if the radio falls into the water it will float on its back with the LCD, backlit keypad and distress button flashing, thereby making it easier to retrieve.

For full details on Icom’s new IC-M93D handheld visit www.icomuk.co.uk

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