Mazu Yachts Launch New Website
In launching their new website, Turkish boatbuilders Mazu Yachts have chosen a design-responsive layout that is closely connected with the world of social networks. The site provides information on the latest Mazu Yachts products along with previews of new projects to be launched.
Every page of the website is designed to have a considerable visual impact, starting from the home page with a video of one of the Mazu models in action. Each section of the new site is easily accessible from the menu, which is always displayed.
Videos, interviews and important articles from all over the world feature in the ‘Press’ section. Browsers looking for information on the history of shipbuilders and on Mazu Yachts today can simply scroll down the ‘About’ page, while journalists and workers in the industry can again use the ‘Press’ section for contacts and links to download materials regarding all the shipyard’s models.
The new website can be found at

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