After five years of development, Quick Nautical Equipment introduced their MC² Gyro Stabilizer, with its patented new design, at the beginning of the year at the 2017 London Boat Show.

Unlike Gyro Stabilizer designs that have a horizontal spinning mass and require complex systems to allow the bow of the boat to rise and fall, the patented vertical spinning mass design means the MC² Gyro Stabilizer offers up to 85% roll reduction in a balanced machine that is significantly smaller. It features a simple, low-maintenance, low-friction design that does not require water cooling or hydraulic control systems to be installed.

Like all other brands, the MC² Gyro Stabilizer offers significant roll reduction (up to 92%) and is effective even at zero boat speed. The MC² Gyro Stabilizer range is available for vessels from as little as 5t displacement, and because it does not require water cooling or hydraulics, it is easy to retrofit to existing vessels or to integrate into a new vessel design.

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