SHOCK-WBV showcased their new ranges of shock mitigating products at Seawork, with a particular focus on their C-series under-seat suspension unit designed for either new or retro-fitting to commercial and large leisure boats. There are three iterations, each coming with the choice of three shock absorber options. The C-series is specifically for commercial vessels, the P-series for pedestals and the R-series for RIBs.

Graham Brown, managing director, said: ‘We realised early in our testing and design that maximum comfort could only be achieved with different designs for different seat types. We are able to improve and evolve quickly with our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities and have taken real strides forward to launch our latest units for different boats and seating types.’

The SHOCK-WBV C-series is lightweight and tough as it’s made from aerospace-grade aluminium and 316 stainless steel. A water jet aluminium tooling plate is used throughout the C-series as it has no flaws in the material. This means that the C-series can be manufactured to much tighter tolerances than cast aluminium, thereby eliminating ‘play’. 

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