Suzuki have announced the launch of their new DF175A and DF150A outboards. Featuring a 2.9L in-line four-cylinder DOHC engine, these models also use a high 10.2:1 compression ratio, which provides enhanced low-end torque and generates rapid acceleration.
To maximise performance, the new DF175A and DF150A engines are equipped with a semi-direct air intake system to provide the engine with a cooler flow of air, an O₂ sensor to optimise combustion and a knock sensor for increased reliability.
The company has also unveiled its new Suzuki Multi-Function Display (SMD) screen with the aim of providing the ultimate connectivity in order to unite the boat driver with the surrounding environment. This is achieved through features such as chartplotter, radar, fish finder and weather information via an Internet connection.
Suzuki’s new Multi-Function Display can be set up to display just engine data or a combination of engine and environmental information. In addition, there are various options to enable digital switching to control things like navigation lights, trim tabs and multi-beam sonar.
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