Suzuki Launch New Propeller Range
Suzuki have announced the introduction of a bespoke range of performance propellers for their 4-stroke outboards. The new range will be known as ‘Watergrip’.
The standard Watergrip propellers will benefit from a new interchangeable bush system that has been designed to reduce slippage and protect the outboard from impact. Furthermore, the new bush system can be easily replaced when required, without the need for a special press fitting machine.
Suzuki’s new DF325A and flagship DF350A models will receive their own Watergrip Dual propellers, aimed at achieving higher performance and stability and a more efficient conversion of engine output to thrust with contra-rotating propellers.
Meanwhile the key aim of the third addition, the Watergrip Sport, is to enhance steering stability.

For further details on the new propeller range and all Suzuki Marine products go to

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