Tecnorib exhibited their latest product, the Pirelli J45, at the Cannes Yachting Festival this September. The new boat is a 4.5m tender fitted with Yanmar 110hp and Alamarin-Jet 185 engines, and joins the J33 and J39 in the range.
Tecnorib CEO Gianni De Bonis said: ‘We recognised the potential in the tender sector and, after seeing the success of the first two models, we’ve decided to offer an even more comprehensive range. After the new entry presented at Cannes, the next novelty will be a 2.9m tender that will make its debut in 2019.’
As well as the Pirelli J45, also on show at Cannes was the Pirelli J33, the Pirelli J39 in classic Pirelli livery, the Pirelli 1100 Cabin, a RIB almost 11 meters long with a top speed of very nearly 50 knots, the Pirelli 1900, which made its debut at Cannes last year, and finally the Pirelli 1400 Sport, an RIB with a racing-derived hull designed by Tecnorib and Swedish design studio Ocke Mannerfelt Design, fitted with a pair of 430 hp Volvo Penta engines.
For full details go to www.tecnorib.it

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