Coming off the back of a successful inaugural show in Lagos, Galaxia Boats are back at Marina de Lagos, Portugal, for the second instalment of the Galaxia Boat Show. But it’s clear that Galaxia’s aspirations go far beyond just a show …

The below article was a preview to the show from our March / April 2023 edition.

With new areas full of the latest electric boats, technology and eMobility accessories from the best sustainable brands on the market, the Galaxia Boat Show, to be held from 12th to 14th May, looks set to be a great event to help kick off the European summer boating season.

Galaxia is bringing back three headline partners in a more impactful way in 2023, including X-Shore, who will be hosting the ‘Electric Day Cruiser & Activity Zone’, and Torqeedo, the market leader for electric mobility on the water, who will be joining as host to the new ‘Sailing Village & Technical Zone’. Additional headline partnerships have been signed by Aqua superPower and BoatCenter, the latter being a national dealer of electric RAND boats and Greenline hybrid boats.

Galaxia Electric Boat Show

Galaxia is an event that sets out to champion the maritime electric revolution, utilising its manufacturer contacts globally to create awareness and inspiration within and around the e-marine industry. The 2023 boat show stands to be the largest and most focused collection of electric boats in Europe, with a forecast of 20,000 attendees. Encompassing a number of genres within the traditional boat show format, the event also fosters a festival environment, with live internationally renowned musical artists helping to create a vibrant atmosphere that celebrates the ocean, the boating lifestyle and the cleaner technologies seeking to make their mark in the new areas of sustainable technology.

eBrokerage (pre-launch)

Galaxia 2023 will not only showcase the latest in electric and sustainable craft but will also be active in the building of a digital marketplace to act as a brokerage and consultancy service to promote and develop sales opportunities, not only for boats within the sector, but also for shore-side repowering infrastructures and equipment. The establishment of the digital marketplace will aim to streamline the processes involved in sales.

Galaxia - Electric Boat Show

To further enhance the customer experience, Galaxia has partnered with BitPay to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method, providing a convenient and tax-advantageous way for customers to spend their crypto holdings in a non-volatile process. Leading international brands are currently being onboarded onto the digital marketplace.

eMarina (pre-launch)

Galaxia E-Marinas are committed to building a future that is eco-responsible. The climate emergency we are witnessing affects the entire marine ecosystem, and both vessels and port infrastructure and facilities must evolve to address it. As marinas can be viewed as micro-cities that interact with onshore and sea environments, they play a key role in the future of civilisation. Innovation, ingenuity and collaboration are crucial as our world rapidly transitions to becoming sustainable.

Galaxia - Electric Boat Show

With such in mind, Galaxia E-Marinas will be the first off-grid, exclusive eMarinas to design, innovate and build an ecosystem that utilises and invests in smart and sustainable modular solutions. With a central HQ and a network of global marinas under the Galaxia brand in partnership with local stakeholders, their goal is to fundamentally redesign the world around us. Building an ecosystem of disruptive marine tech businesses supporting start-ups and scaling with multiple ancillary revenue streams across retail, Galaxia’s offering includes hospitality and technical centres too.

Galaxia - Electric Boat Show


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