Life jacket specialists Crewsaver, a Survitec brand, are making a fundamental shift in how they design and produce their survival technology by embracing a circular product life cycle. The company has adopted a three-pronged approach to decreasing its environmental impact, commencing with the release of its new high-performance life jackets.

Arriving in 2023, Crewsaver’s new EXO life jackets include the ability to extend the product life span. If the cover gets damaged or an alternative colourway is preferred, the cover can be changed easily through a new, modular design.

The company is reinventing the packaging experience by eliminating plastic, offering a robust and fully biodegradable alternative to plastic bags. Using a science-based approach, a no-trace packaging alternative for Crewsaver’s new life jackets causes no harm to marine ecosystems while still retaining functionality.

Crewsaver General Manager David Duffin said: ‘Optimising our commitment to the environment and product sustainability has always been important to us at Crewsaver, and I’m delighted to be able to scale sustainable change across our product portfolio, starting with our packaging, supply chain and modular product design.’ 

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