Sacs and Tecnorib have joined forces to form a new corporation that will initially be called ‘Sacs Tecnorib Spa’. The main goal of this industrial integration is to consolidate the strong growth reported in recent years and to strengthen both brands’ presence on international markets.

Matteo Magni, Chairman of the newly incorporated Sacs Tecnorib, and CEO Giovanni De Bonis expressed their enthusiasm for an operation rooted in long-standing mutual respect. The former said: ‘The goal is to create operating synergies that consolidate the growth path embarked on individually by the two players, laying the groundwork for them to seize new opportunities and challenges together.’

And Giovanni De Bonis added: ‘Synergies will be achieved in production sites, design and production processes, and research and development. The trademarks will remain separate, as will the respective sales networks.’ / 

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