Range Rover SVR-VS-600HP Cobra RIB

In this video, Tom dreams up his dream car / boat pairing. Two British pedigree brands; The Range Rover SVR and the Cobra Nautique 600HP RIB. So over the year, we have reviewed some lovely boats and with the influx

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Cobra Nautique 8.2m

Download the magazine article below: Cobra-8.2m-Nautique-test-Web-PDFDownload With this British company having a reputation for producing ‘conservative’ RIBs that appeal to a variety of boat owners, Greg Copp sets out to discover whether this Cobra really is a nautical charmer... The

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Cobra Shoot-Out

This is Cobra’s most popular RIB and with good reason. It is easy to tow and launch and yet is big enough to rough it offshore. It is a high-quality British-built boat that has been meticulously designed as a fast

 Cobra 9.5 Twin-Rig F300

The handling of the long hull is sedate and relaxed – even at high speed the boat remains composed and precise. There was no evidence of the chine walking associated with the very early Cobras … The combination of the

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