Ocqueteau Twin Test

Whatever model ticks your box, and however you specify it, both boats are built for a specific purpose, and both have abilities beyond their size.   They are both … constructed with a no-frills approach, and represent good value for money.

Ocqueteau Timonier 615

Out in the cockpit, which is completely self-draining, there is more space than many similar boats from other makes. At just over 6m the 615 has a useful balance between the accommodation and open cockpit. The spacious wheelhouse gives rise

Ocqueteau Timonier 725

We examine the 725 Timonier from Ocqueteau, a French, family-owned boatbuilding company that has been building boats for over 60 years. Ocqueteau is a family-owned boatbuilding yard based not far from La Rochelle, amid the shrimp and oyster growers of

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