Following a dynamic R&D programme with the revolutionary ÖK Hull technology over the past 13 years in their Vesturvör facility in Reykjavik, Iceland – which has resulted in a broad range of explorer, coastguard, military, search and rescue, and superyacht tender RIBs – Rafnar of Iceland have moved to the next phase of presentation of their innovative hulls.

Now widely acclaimed among operators from all sectors of maritime usage for their incredibly soft ride and lack of ‘bounce and slam’, and deployed for a multitude of purposes around the world, Rafnar/ÖK Hull craft are now to be constructed under licence in Palma de Mallorca, Spain (the Mediterranean capital of superyachting), and also in other centres in the USA and UK where agreements have been made with trusted and highly reputable shipyards and boat distributors.

This step frees international distributors to produce Rafnar/ÖK Hull craft within their specific geographical zone for the purpose, climate and requirements of their local market.   The Rafnar R&D team in Iceland will continue to provide technical support as well as styling and design assistance for any variations required to existing designs in the current Rafnar range.

The existing portfolio covers craft from 8.5m to 12m, although a 15m and a 24m Rafnar support boat will soon be introduced. These craft range in design from basic search and rescue and coastguard cabin RIBs to purpose-built superyacht explorer RIBs and open support tenders. Ruggedness and functionality can be balanced with customised luxury features and styling as required by the purchasing clients.

The new Palma de Mallorca production facility will be offering craft in both composite and aluminium construction (a first for Rafnar production), and there is already a strong shift towards presenting and promoting open and T-top craft styled and designed for Mediterranean and Caribbean leisure usage. The iconic 11m Leiftur 1100 Rafnar Cabin Explorer RI (featured), as designed for North Atlantic, Arctic and Antarctic exploration and patrol, will remain a favourite in the range.

Long recognised for the remarkable ride provided by the patented ÖK Hull, the expansion of production to the international sector is being seen as a very positive move, and will allow flexibility in design and production for all boat enthusiasts requiring the performance and functionality that the ÖK Hull provides – most notably the ability to travel long distances at sea in comfort in ‘displacement mode’ and at high speed, with little fatigue and stress for guests, crew or the actual boat. With boat usage becoming more diverse and with related challenges faced by designers, the Rafnar/ÖK Hull technology offers a welcome and surprising alternative to the market.

The Rafnar licensor and distributor in Palma de Mallorca, Just & Co., are providing a Mediterranean base for consultation and construction of the Rafnar/ÖK Hull craft. ‘After being closely involved with the inventor Össur Kristinsson in Iceland throughout the development of this hull technology and the Rafnar brand right from the beginning 13 years ago, I am very proud to lead the way in beginning the first constructions and commissioning of these remarkable craft at our base in Palma de Mallorca,’ commented Anthony Just, primary of Just & Co.


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