Torqeedo Travel 1003 C
The Travel 1003 C is a new and uprated version of Torqeedo’s award-winning Travel 1003. This new electric outboard takes the concept of clean silent propulsion further, by offering extended range and runtime. Surprisingly it does not do this at the cost of extra bulk and weight, and like the 1003 it comes with an integrated lithium battery. Recent advances in lithium battery technology have enabled Torqeedo to produce a 915Wh battery, with a 73% increase in battery capacity compared to the battery on the standard Travel 1003, and with an almost identical weight.
Both Torqeedo 1003 models offer the same wide-open throttle performance as a 3hp petrol outboard motor. However, due to the fact that electric engines produce maximum torque from zero to maximum RPM, the 1003 has the thrust equivalent of a 4hp motor across its mid-range power delivery. Running the 1003 at its mid-range sweet spot makes good sense, as at full power any electric motor quickly digests its battery’s reserves, compared to running at 75% of its maximum output.
The Travel range is designed for tenders, dinghies and dayboats up to 1.5 tons, for which it has already proven very successful. With a total weight of just 14.9kg, including the integrated lithium battery, Torqeedo claim that the Travel 1003 C is the lightest and most efficient electric outboard in its class on the market. As standard, the Travel 1003 C comes with a GPS system, a digital read-out that displays power consumption, battery status and remaining range (displayed in either time or distance), and a convenient USB socket for charging a phone or powering a light while out on the water. The battery, though mounted on the powerhead, is easily removed or changed for a spare should you need it. However, at £749 for a second 915Wh battery I imagine most people will consider this option carefully.
Users can download Torqeedo’s innovative free TorqTrac smartphone application for use with the new Travel 1003 C. When combined with Torqeedo’s Bluetooth TorqTrac adaptor, the TorqTrac app displays all motor information on a smartphone or similar device, and allows you to plan your trip in advance and share your position on a map with an estimated time of arrival. It also has a navigation facility that allows you to create waypoints, enabling you to pick your way out to your mooring on the darkest of nights.
Torqeedo also offer a range of innovative accessories for their entire range of motors, including handy travel bags for the engine and battery, as well as a foldable solar panel for convenient and environmentally friendly charging on the go. The 1003 C is tiller-steered, with a four-step trim setting, and is waterproof to IP67 standard.
The new Travel 1003 C is available for the 2017 boating season in a standard and long-shaft version, and is priced from £1,699 (inc. VAT).


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