Mercury Racing have introduced their new 60 APX outboard motor as the latest addition to their portfolio of Apex pure competition outboards designed for closed-course circuit racing.

Company Director Jeff Broman said: ‘Mercury are excited to support the sustainable future of circuit competition with the low-emission 4-stroke 60 APX model. We’ve designed this motor to deliver strong performance with minimal maintenance over the course of a full season, reducing the cost of participation in the entry classes for professional tunnel boat competition.’

The Mercury Racing 60 APX is a durable competition motor designed specifically to power UIM Formula 4s class catamaran tunnel hull boats. The class features composite, driver capsule-equipped boats measuring 3.9m in length with a minimum weight with driver of 360kg. Top speed is about 120kph on the straightaway sections of the course. The class is intended for young racers starting out in enclosed tunnel boats before stepping up to faster Formula 2 and Formula 1 boats.

Further information can be found at

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