Online insurance specialists Visicover have launched a new insurance service for UK boat owners, catering for a wide range of vessel types, from canoes and windsurfers, through personal watercraft and narrowboats to ocean-going sailing yachts and motor cruisers.

Owners can not only buy their cover online but can also update it at any time as their requirements change. They can select the precise cover they want, and discounts are available for more experienced users, and in relation to how securely the boat is stored, clean claims history, etc. This facility to ‘tailor-make’ their cover, combined with the efficiency of online self-service, means owners can make substantial savings on their insurance premiums.

Jan Houlberg, Visicover CEO, told PBR: ‘Clients’ expectations of insurance providers are becoming ever greater. They want to be able to choose the cover that suits them and update it as their requirements change, all at low cost. The new Visicover insurance service for boat owners allows them to do this simply and efficiently online.’

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