Yanmar Marine International have launched a full line-up of 4LV sterndrive marine diesel engine models to complete their 4LV series of common-rail (CR) engines. The new 150–250 mhp five-engine range combines with the Yanmar ZT370 sterndrive with a view to offering enhanced acceleration, fuel efficiency, quiet operation and low vibration to suit a wide variety of vessels.

Complementing the Yanmar 4LV inboard engine range introduced earlier this year, the corresponding 150Z, 170Z, 195Z, 230Z and 250Z mhp sterndrive models feature the latest in electronically managed CR fuel injection systems and are all based on an identical engine block with the same dimensions and weight, making it easy for boatbuilders to install various options.

Floris Lettinga of Yanmar Marine International said: ‘We are delighted to announce the availability of the full Yanmar 4LV series with the ZT370 sterndrive. The new models include a wide range of available engine options to support specific customer requirements, making these engines available to an even larger number of boat users.’


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