Ideal Boats

Finnmaster T7

I can’t help thinking that if they would only up that maximum engine from 250 to 300 hp, we really would have an outstanding boat on our hands. …obedience, sporting competence and solidity of build remain the real defining characteristics

Cruisers 35 Express

The Express is as much a driver’s boat as it is a social platform… … the driving experience is one that will excite and thrill with the performance on tap. The hull is refined and efficient with plenty of grip

Chaparral 246 SSi

Even in her fairly standard guise, the level of sophistication is a cut above the norm. You certainly get your money’s worth with the Chaparral … The helm is nicely laid out and has a sporty air about it. PBR

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Arksen Discovery Series


Henri Lloyd

Yamaha - The most exciting way to get from A to B campaign

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