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Yamarin 81 DC

If you spend a lot of time at the wheel, you’ll grow to respect the 81 DC’s unfussy dynamic behaviour as much as its endless features list and its distinctive looks. … you’ll be very satisfied with its al fresco

Sting 610 DC

While a great many debut brands are to some degree a speculative venture into the unknown, this new Polish-built Norwegian cuddy is a very convincing leisure package. It offers plenty of pace, considerably more quality than the market’s most affordable

Nordkapp Avant 705

The Avant 705 is a very convincing boat, beautifully matched, both stylistically and dynamically, to one of the finest outboard engines on the market.  There are no perceptible fumes at idle, and yet the pickup is profoundly satisfying … …

Bella 620C

If you’re a fisherman or a keen year-round boater … the 620C will do a very manly job at a surprisingly modest price. With its tinted wrap-around screens and its matt-black guard rails, this is an attractive boat from every

Buster XL Pro 

Whichever engine you favour, there’s no doubt that in moderate conditions at sensible speeds, this is a perfectly comfortable boat …  Like every traditional, sensibly powered Buster I’ve ever helmed, the XL Pro is a pussycat for the beginner.  Everything

Glastron GT 229

 … this boat is probably the most perfect driving machine I’ve ever helmed.  … if you want a superb driver’s boat with a beamy cockpit and a compact cuddy cabin, it’s a truly amazing piece of work.  … the

Wellcraft 242 Scarab Offshore

… let’s retain our optimism at the arrival of an exciting boat from an exciting builder – and look forward to finding out what she can really do. Put the throttle down and after a bit of bow-up posturing, the

Terhi 475 BR

 Terhi are onto something very modern and relevant with their distinctive brand of compact, efficient, easy-riding powerboats. The sober, self-imposed limitations of this package don’t detract in any major way from its excellence as a safe, practical little trailer

Cormate T27

There’s no doubting the class of this boat. As a platform for lunch, or indeed as an object of loveliness to admire in its own right, it’s first rate. The softness of the ride is also commendable, as are the

Finnmaster T7

I can’t help thinking that if they would only up that maximum engine from 250 to 300 hp, we really would have an outstanding boat on our hands. …obedience, sporting competence and solidity of build remain the real defining characteristics

Dusseldorf Boat Show 2017

Alex Smith hunts down 10 of the best and most novel boats from the world’s biggest indoor show. The Dusseldorf Boat Show is a wonderful event. Set in 17 halls (each of which could gobble up an entire tray of

Arksen Discovery Series


Premier Marinas Dry Stack - Trafalgar Wharf

Henri Lloyd

Yamaha - The most exciting way to get from A to B campaign

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