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A double first for Redbay Boats

Redbay Boats of Ireland have just launched their much anticipated, all-new 14.50m model. The vessel, now undergoing its initial sea trials, represents a significant step forward for the company in terms of a market-leading, all-weather-orientated design. But though this first

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New 1150 Stormforce for 2018

New 1150 Stormforce for 2018 The word is out that Northern Ireland-based Redbay Boats are designing another new model to add to their current offshore series. Construction work on the vessel, a Stormforce 1150, is set to begin at the

Redbay 1250 Stormforce

This new Stormforce will undoubtedly set another highly credible milestone in Redbay’s 40-year history. The new Stormforce 1250 is a joy to helm. The cabin is well soundproofed, comfortable and equipped with all manner of latest technology. The shock mitigation

Redbay Stormforce 650

… this latest Redbay 650 package is faster and more versatile than the one I enjoyed back in 2010. … this new, furniture-laden RIB achieves results out of all proportion to its pared-back predecessor … … whether you perch at

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