Navico have announced that they have acquired Yacht Defined Sweden AB (‘Yacht Defined’), an international technology platform within navigation and digital switching systems. Navico have also invested in HOC Yachts AB (‘HOC Yachts’), a start-up, high-tech custom boat designer that will be used to showcase and validate Navico and Yacht Defined’s developments in marine electronics, digital switching, boat integration and connectivity.

Yacht Defined offer boaters an intuitive user interface for driving, living aboard and owning a boat. Acting as a central technology hub, the platform provides deep system integration that includes navigation display data optimisation, remote control of on-board systems and entertainment, and vessel-wide over-the-air system updates.

A designer of day cruisers and tenders, HOC Yachts’ innovations include the Yacht Defined system and the Petestep hull technology. The company’s day cruisers and tenders have already received significant attention in the media since their international launch at the Cannes Yachting Festival and Monaco Boat Show in the summer of 2017.

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