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  • River Hamble Hampshire

Ports Of Call: River Hamble

‘No man ever steps in the same river twice’ observed Greek philosopher Heraclitus, which captures perfectly the essence of the energetic River Hamble. Mark Featherstone and Jo Moon revisit old haunts but discover new delights on a recent visit to this iconic maritime destination. The charming waters of the River Hamble rise near the medieval town of Bishop’s Waltham, gathering pace as the river passes through the numerous marinas and nature reserves scattered along its historic shore, before opening out 12 kilometres later into Southampton Water at Hamble-le-Rice. The river is renowned as a sailing mecca, but this

  • Caribbean sea covered by sargasso algae.

The Good, the Bad and the Algae – Sargassum Seaweed

28th February 2024|FEATURES|

As Giovanna Fasanelli, PBR’s environmental expert, reports, the truth about sargassum seaweed may be both complex and elusive, but either way, it’s certainly of interest to us all. Let’s be clear: the colossal floating gardens of sargassum seaweed that Columbus reported in the late 15th century were, and still are, a naturally occurring phenomenon that defines the Sargasso Sea – a roughly 5 million-square-kilometre expanse of open water east of Bermuda, the only sea bounded purely by rotating ocean currents that form the North Atlantic subtropical gyre. The sargassum contained within this gyre is not the reason the US

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