A great style addition for any open or retro boat.

Protruding deck hardware, even navigation lights, create trip hazards just where you definitely do not need them. These pop-up LED bow lights from Accon Marine sit flush and out of sight until needed. When night falls, a touch of the button is all it takes to extend them. Manufactured from marine-grade 316 stainless steel, these lights use high-performance LEDs for longevity. Drawing a mere 115mA, they are US Coast Guard approved for 2 nautical miles, NMMA type accepted and meet COLREG requirements.

The Accon Pop-Up Light is offered in two models. The 210-M version is available for through-bolt installation, needing only an 89mm hole, three stainless screws and 68mm of below-deck clearance. The 211-M style mounts in a similar manner and fits the same cut-out. Accon Marine Pop-Up LED Bow Lights have a base that measures 112mm L x 102mm W. Both can be fitted with the optional plastic waterproofing cup to prevent water run-off.


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