HMS slides his feet into a pair of Wuzzos Corinthian Pro deck shoes and discovers a whole new odourless and trouble-free world … 

Some of you might recall that, three years ago, while driving our SUV one stormy winter’s night, I picked an unfortunate 60mph argument with an oak tree that resulted in my legs requiring a major refit! Suitable amounts of titanium were ordered in, self-tapping screws purchased and up onto the stocks I was lifted, with a view to rebuilding my broken bulkheads and stringers! Nevertheless, despite the NHS consultant ‘shipwright’ doing a sterling job, this experience left me with a permanent list to starboard – largely attributable to a misfiring femur, an ankle the size of a horse’s fetlock and zero shock mitigation in the soles of my feet. So, when I got the call from the folk at Wuzzos shoes asking whether PBR might be interested in putting their new Corinthian Pro shoe through its paces, I duly warned them that if I was to be the ‘test pilot’, then they had a tall order on their hands … er, feet! 

In addition, as shoes go, I don’t particularly like traditional leather deck shoes, and secondly, from a comfort point of view, I find this type of footwear rarely offers sufficient support to the arch of the foot or any decent cushioning underfoot.

So, could Wuzzos provide the solution and be the first deck shoe to tackle these traditional shortcomings? Firstly, it’s important to note that the Wuzzos Corinthian Pro has been designed specifically for boaters. Constructed in premium salt-, stain- and water-resistant leather, and ventilated too with mesh for increased breathability, these shoes also include a removable footbed, which enhances drying time. The three-eyelet lacing system likewise offers a secure fit and prevents movement inside the shoe.

Of note is the fact that Wuzzos have partnered with Micro-Fresh to bring about what they describe as the first ‘sailors with fresh feet system’. From a technical standpoint, the latter is quite remarkable and, according to its makers, it never wears out or washes off, is hypoallergenic, vegan-friendly and is also laudably free from plastic. Micro-Fresh also prevents bacteria from growing, which helps to ensure that the common problem of smelly footwear is avoided.

But the real make or break for me centred around the degree of support the

Corinthian Pro might offer – plus the extent to which these shoes could provide genuine extended-use comfort for my damaged feet. Well, I am delighted to report that the Corinthian Pro exceeded all my expectations – in particular, the shoe’s impact-mitigating and cushioning qualities, which I’m reliably informed are down to the introduction of a product called WAVE-SHOCK. This material is integrated into the sticky compound rubber outsole and consists of structurally designed, forward-facing panels that not only limit torsional twist but absorb impact and shock. Speaking personally, I’ve found this added feature to be a real winner, making what is already an immensely high-quality, attractively designed take on the traditional not just better, but, in my view, a new standard setter in deck shoe comfort and ‘wearability’. 

Available from these shoes come delivered direct to your door within a beautifully presented, embossed, personalised box and are available in dark brown, grey or navy. 

The Corinthian Deck Pro retails at £120 and is available in UK sizes 7–12, including UK 7.5–10.5.

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