As demand for black boats continues to soar, Glomex have launched a new line of black marine antennas and accessories, which will be available from February. The new Black Glomex Line includes the popular Talitha, Nashira, Mizar and Avior TV antennas, as well as the Glomeasy fast-fitting and classic antennas ranging from 25cm up to 2.4m. 

In addition, the weBBoat Lite EVO and weBBoat Lite High Speed Wi-Fi antennas are now also available in black. The weBBoat range is a ‘Coastal Internet’ system that provides Internet access up to 20 miles offshore.

Mike Hall, Product Manager at E. P. Barrus Ltd, commented: ‘Glomex are a forward-thinking company who are quick to respond to the market, yet always keep efficiency and the highest of standards at the heart of every product they develop. The launch of black versions of their existing products is perfectly timed to capture this emerging trend.’

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